The Society has been in existence since 1937, when a group of former pupils of Taunton School, like minded in the promotion of friendship through the game of golf, formed the Society. Hitherto it has had no formal constitution , but has been administered as two sub groups known as the London Club and the Western Branch.
The Committee has proposed that there should be a formalised set of rules covering the administration and structure of the Society which is detailed as follows :


The Society shall be called the “OLD TAUNTONIAN GOLFING SOCIETY”


The Society will also use its best endeavours to encourage golf among Old Tauntonians, where possible giving financial help to promising players both while they are at school and after leaving, if appropriate.

The principal objective of the Society is the promotion of friendship through participation in the game of golf. The Society will organise golf meetings for members and also arrange participation in golfing events which give competition between similar societies including the former pupils of other schools.


Membership is available to anybody who has been educated at Taunton School, or associated with the School as a member of staff, former member of staff or parent (of current or former pupil educated at the School).
It should be noted that, for members to be eligible to participate in events organised by such National societies as the Public Schools Golfing Association or the Public Schools Old Boys Association, the member must have completed at least one full term’s education at the school.


Any eligible person may apply for membership of which there will be three categories namely, Full Members, Honorary Members and Associates.

A) Full Member – any person who has received at least one full term’s education at Taunton School, any member of staff, former member of staff or parent (of current or former pupil educated at the School), provided that they have paid the minimum annual subscription set by the committee.

B) Honorary Member – any person who has given exceptional service to the Society may be awarded this status by the Committee, will have the same rights as Full Members above, but will not be required to pay the minimum annual subscription set by the committee.

C) Associate – any person who has received at least one full term’s education at Taunton School , any member of staff, former member of staff or parent (of current or former pupil educated at the School), that has not paid the minimum annual subscription set by the committee.


The Society shall have the following Officers;

A) President
B) Society Captain – elected on a three year term
C) Scratch Match Captain
D) Hon Secretary
E) Hon Treasurer

These officers will collectively form the Committee which will administer the Society. The Committee may co-opt additional members as they think fit. The Committee will make nominations for officers as vacancies arise, but any Full or Honorary Member of the Society has the right to apply for any post. Election will be by majority vote at the AGM.


There are presently three national competitions in which the School is represented;
· The Public Schools Golfing Society organises :
The Halford Hewitt Cup (played at Deal in April)
The Cyril Gray Cup (played at Worplesdon)
· The Public Schools Old Boys Association organises :
The Grafton MorrishTrophy (played at Hunstanton, but with a regional pre-qualifying tournament).
In addition, the Society competes in the Brent Knoll Bowl, which is organised by, and played at, Burnham & Berrow Golf Club.
It is the policy of the Committee to subsidise the costs of younger players taking part in these competitions if appropriate.


The essential ethos of the Society is one of voluntary contribution, however, funds are necessary to cover the administration of the Society and carry out its policy of helping younger players to participate. It has hitherto been the practice of the Society that subscriptions will be at the option of each member, but it has become usual to recommend a minimum payment (currently set at £20.00 pa). Additional voluntary contributions will continue to be encouraged.

Subscriptions will be due on 1st January each year, and they should be paid by 31st March in any year. The recommended rate of Subscription will be laid down by the officers of the society who comprise the Committee.


The Society does not have charitable status, and it is not the present intention of the Committee to seek it. As a result, there is a potential liability to taxation on investment income.


The Hon Treasurer will keep such accounts as necessary to record the financial transactions of the Society. Accounts will be presented to the Annual General Meeting each year, made up to 31st December in each year. Such regional branches as exist may maintain bank accounts separate from the main Society account but they, and all match managers, must submit their accounts to the Treasurer annually.


Every year the Society will hold an Annual General Meeting, at which Officers will be elected and accounts presented. In addition, at least five members, acting in concert, may request the Secretary to call a general meeting of the Society, together with the reasons therefore. Members should be given at least three weeks notice in writing as to the agenda, date, time and place of such meetings. Only Full and Honorary Members may vote at these meetings.

It is one of the primary purposes of the Society that it shall hold golf meetings at which members and guests may participate. It shall be the duty of the Committee to appoint someone to organise each such event. Presently, the following fixtures are arranged:

March – Swinley Forest, Berkshire
April – Oake Manor, Taunton
May – St George’s Hill, Surrey
June – Burnham & Berrow, Somerset
July – Royal North Devon
September – Bramshaw, Hampshire
October – Taunton & Pickeridge, Somerset

In addition, there are two matches played against the school in June and October/November.
This fixture list may be varied at the discretion of the Committee


During the course of its history, the Society has been given trophies for which competitions should be held annually, being

a) the Glenthorne Cup – Greensomes [at Swinley Forest]
b) the Stableford Challenge Cup – Singles [at Swinley Forest]
c) the Fairwater Cup – Singles [at St Georges Hill]
d) the Rhodesian Bowl – last played for at Porthcawl in September 2004
e) the Veterans Cup – Over 55s [at Burnham]
f) the H Williams Shield – for the match against the School
g) the Cliff Flory Prize – Scratch [at Burnham]
h) the GB Johnson Silver Salver – Stableford [at Burnham]
i) the Whittaker Cup – Stableford [at Bramshaw]
j) the Thone Cup – Stableford [at Oake Manor]
k) the Rose Bowl – 4BBB [at Taunton & Pickeridge]
l) the Barry Lane Putter – not currently awarded.

Winners of these trophies are entitled to keep them in their personal custody with the custodian’s responsibility for their engraving and safe keeping. Ownership of these trophies rests with the Society, and the Hon Secretary, is obliged to keep records of who holds custody of each trophy.

The Hon Treasurer is charged with custody of the Society’s funds, which will be retained as cash, or invested in such manner as the Committee may decide.


The Full and Honorary Members of the Society may in General Meeting decide to liquidate the Society, in the event of which the assets of the Society will either
– be given to the School for the promotion of golf, or
– donated to an appropriate golfing charity.

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