Match versus Old Aluredian Golfing Society (Kings Taunton)

Sunday 2nd September 2012 at St Georges Hill GC.  Format Four-ball Better Ball.

The inaugural match against Old Aluredian GS finally took place after many years of emailing and telephone conversations between Richard Norris and OAGS.  The weather was kind the sandwiches at lunch time were, in classic SGHGC style, plentiful and a full team complement were ready to play.  Teams consisted of eight members playing 4 pairs.  The final score at the end of the day was 3-1 to OTGS.  The day was a success, everybody enjoyed it and it is hoped this fixture will continue next year.

Teams and Scores

OTGS                                                                              OAGS

Richard Willacy/Terry Davidge    1 Up                 Phil Lewis/Toby Mott
Andy Horne/Nick Burridge                                     Rob Excell/Roger Vincent   4/3
Mike Turner/Richard Norris         5/4                   Tom Webster/Martin Evans
Greg Whalley/Oli Hyland              4/3                   Ross Stacey/James Excell

Big thank you to Richard Norris for organising the event.


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