Halford Hewitt 2018

So another HH week begins and hopes are high.  How long will we last this year?

Five of the team start the quest with a Tuesday practice at Deal and rest followed Wednesday.   This year we welcomed Ed Bradnock into the team for the first time.


As per last year no rounds these days are easy and our opening match was against Cranleigh with a very late tee off time of 14:45.   Despite the loss of 3 1/2 to 1 1/2, once again we had two matches going down the 18th.  Hector & Stickler lost on the 18th, Willacy & Westwater agreed a half going down the 18th, after we knew the team had lost overall.  It was always going to be tough.

The Plate, down to six players, first round Friday morning against Stowe.  Taunton lost 2-1.

Thanks again to all.  Another fantastic week and already looking forward to 2019!  Great find Pete with the accommodation and hope Ed you enjoyed your first HH.

Team this year for the main competition was:
R Willacy & I Westwater
G Hector & P Stickler
G Whalley & M Pyke
P Whalley & T Blood
D Higginson & E Bradnock

Plate team was:
R Willacy & I Westwater
G Whalley & P Stickler
P Whalley & T Blood


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