Fairwater Cup @ St George’s Hill Golf Club 12 May 2013

Battle for the Fairwater Cup will take place on the 12 May 2013 handicap stableford format.  Plan for the day will be to meet at the club at around 12:00pm, we will hold the OTGS AGM at 12:30pm, a full Sunday lunch will follow thereafter with an expectation to be on the tee at around 2:30 – 3:00pm (hopefully sooner if we can).  The Fairwater Cup (holder Greg Whalley) will be presented in the evening with other prizes.  The overall cost of the day is expected to be around £60.

Halford Hewitt 2013

Following on from the Brent Knoll scratch warm up weekend we all got together for the Halford Hewitt competition between 10th and 14th April (a few of the team arrived on the Tuesday 9th for additional practice).  Unlike the Brent Knoll weekend the temperature was significantly warmer and rain was expected to be minimal.  No excuses!

This year’s team consisted of Richard Willacy (C), Iain Westwater, Gary Hector, Greg Whalley, Pete Whalley, Mark Jenkins, David Morgan, Martin Knight, Matthew Pyke and Dave Higginson.

This year we were drawn against Trent in the first round whom we believed, and the statistics suggested, were a possible win which would have helped our ranking no end.  However, despite our confidence and “good feeling” we couldn’t produce the goods on the day.  Unfortunately there is something to be said about having the winning feeling, attitude and confidence, however because OT golfers are determined and not quitters we will be back stronger again next year.  Come on young recent OT golf leavers make yourself known.

First Round Main competition against Trent at Deal Lost 4-1

1st Pair MJ/DH Lost 1 down
2nd Pair IW/MP Lost 3-2
3rd Pair GH/GW Won 5-3
4th Pair RW/PW Lost 2-1
5th Pair DM/MN Lost 2-1

First Round Plate competition against Brighton at Princes Lost 2 1/2 – 1/2

1st Pair GH/GW Lost 2-1
2nd Pair IW/MN Lost 3-2
3rd Pair RW/PW Halved

Thanks to all our loyal supporters who make the journey down to Deal to support and to Terry D for joining the team Thursday night.  Despite the result we all had a fantastic time with the usual banter, laughs and generally good company.  I can’t wait until next year!

Brent Knoll Bowl 2013

This year was freezing!!!  This did not help our cause to travel beyond the first round in both the main competition and the plate.  We welcomed Callum to the team and hope to see him in the scratch team for the years to come. The team consisted of,

Richard Willacy (C)
Iain Westwater
Gary Hector
Greg Whalley
Mark Jenkins
Callum Taylor

Main Competition First Round against Blundells Lost 2-1
1st Pair  IW/RW lost 2-1
2nd Pair  GH/GW Lost 3-2
3rd Pair  MJ/CT Won 1up

Terrific battle by Callum and Mark who were 2 down with 4 to play.

Plate Competition First Round against Epsom Lost 2-1
1st Pair IW/RW Won 1up
2nd Pair GW/GH Lost 1down
3rd Pair MJ/CT Lost 5-4

Despite the result and weather, as always the weekend was very enjoyable and good to catch up with team mates again.  Better luck next year.