Halford Hewitt 2012

Another year another well organised event by captain Gary Hector for arranging the weather conditions and pulling the team together, especially back-to-back with the Brent Knoll Bowl.  This year we were back at Deal for the first round (it would be good for the draw to be kind on OTGS and have us play at Sandwich for a change) against Marlborough.  Marlborough are a good team ranked 17th over the last ten years performance versus Taunton’s 61st place.  Taunton lost 3.5-1.5, however, it should be pointed out that three pairs went down the 18th so the score line doesn’t really reflect how close this match really was.

On to Princes for the 1st round of the Plate against Stowe which Taunton won 2-1, however we lost in the 2nd round to Ampleforth    2-1.  We were on our way home Friday night, frustrated once again!

Team consisted of: Gary Hector (C), Pete Whalley, Greg Whalley, Richard Willacy, Iain Westwater, Matthew Pyke, Mark Jenkins, David Higginson, David Morgan, Martin Knight.