Hewitt Results

The 2011 Hewitt was a close affair. We lost 4.5 / 0.5 but this didn’t reflect that 3 matches were all lost down the 18th.

The team included a new face David Higginson who will learn a lot from his first of many Hewitt’s to come. He did well and with his partner Martin Knight didn’t get much rub! He did play well with Pete Whalley in the plate on Friday to get a point.

Results vs Kings Canterbury

Knight / Higginson – lost 5/4
Hector / Pyke – lost 2 down
Jenkins / Morgan – lost 6/5
Whalley / Whalley – lost 1 down
Westwater / Willacy – halved

A disappointing result as in all tight matches we could pin point a couple of crucial bits of bad luck and how things could have been much different!


In the plate we played Wrekin and lost 2-1 in the first round. Pete Whalley and Higginson winning 2/1. Hector / Pyke lost 3/2, Willacy / Westwater lost 4/3.

Until next year.